Baltimore Police Department FAQ

Police Department FAQ

Some frequently asked questions about the Police Department:

How do I obtain a criminal records check?

  • Record Checks are conducted by the Fairfield County Municipal Court. The Court is located on the second floor of the Lancaster City Municipal Building, 104 East Main Street in Lancaster. They are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:00, except for holidays.

Is there a charge for records?

  • No

How can I obtain a civilian identification fingerprinting?

  • Due to state mandates, the Baltimore Police Department no longer will do fingerprinting. The approved fingerprint location for Fairfield County is the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office.

How do I obtain a copy of a Baltimore Police Report?

  • Stop at the Baltimore Municipal Building, located at 103 West Market Street, and request a copy of the report. It may take 24 hours to receive the copy.

Is there a charge for records?

  • Yes. Records cost 20 cents per page.

If the Police tow or impound my vehicle, how can I obtain information about recovery?

  • Please call 740-862-4205.

What documents do I need to arrange for the release of my impounded vehicle?

  • You will need proof of ownership, and a current photographic identification card.

When should I use 911 to call the police?

  • To report emergencies, or a serious crime either in progress or that has just occurred, call 911. 911 should not be used to obtain information, or for non-emergencies.