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Water Issue Update

Earlier this year we hired an outside engineering firm to help us identify the cause of our water issues. We recently received information on the suspected cause.

Based on the information we received, our water issues are likely caused by a non-harmful iron bacteria. Information regarding this iron bacteria is available from the National Groundwater Association at http://www.ngwa.org/Documents/ClipCopy/Iron-Bacteria.pdf.

We have already begun planning to clean and treat our wells and to flush the entire distribution system. We have also notified the Ohio EPA of this issue and will continue to work with them – as we have been for the past year – on our remediation plans.

As our remediation plans are put into action and as more information becomes available, it will be posted here.

Water System Consumer Confidence Report

Click on the following image to view the Public Water System Consumer Confidence Report for 2016:

If you would like a paper copy of the 2016 Consumer Confidence Report, please contact the Village Office at (740) 862-4491.

New Rules for Weeds and Grass

Legislation was just passed this week addressing high grass and weeds within the Village. This ordinance states weed and grass height cannot exceed 8 inches in height. Costs, fines and assessments are outlined in the ordinance as well as other penalties which could include the filing of a criminal complaint in Village Mayor’s Court if the terms of the ordinance are violated. You can read the complete detail of the ordinance here.

Letters are currently being prepared and will be going out in the mail for violators of this ordinance this week. If you have a property you would like to report, please go to “Share Your Questions or Concerns” and fill out a form which will go directly to the Village Administrator.

Village Receives Grant for $466,000.00

Today the Village received notification that our grant application for resurfacing Dorchester Drive, Circle Drive, and Tremont Court was approved. The total amount of the grant is $466,063.00. The Village Administrator, Village Engineer, and Street Department all worked hard to provide information for and in preparing this grant application.

Read the letter here:

Police Firing Range Schedule

The Baltimore Police Firing Range is being used for Police Academy classes and law enforcement agency training. The following is the current schedule for the use of the firing range:

  • Week of September 17: Thursday (September 21)
  • Week of September 24: Tuesday (September 26) and Wednesday (September 27)
  • Week of October 1: Wednesday (October 4)
  • Week of October 8: Monday (October 9), Tuesday (October 10), Wednesday (October 11), Thursday (October 12) and Friday (October 13)
  • Week of October 15: Monday (October 16), Tuesday (October 17), Wednesday (October 18), Thursday (October 19) and Friday (October 20)
  • Week of November 12: Wednesday (November 15) and Friday (November 17)
  • Range closes for year

Current Projects

Elevated Tower Maintenance – Completed

Interior and exterior maintenance on the elevated tower has been completed and the tower is now back in service. Thank you for your patience over the last seven weeks while the tower was out of service.

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