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Mosquito Control

To protect your family and the community, the Village of Baltimore will be taking the following action steps to control mosquitoes:

  • Spraying for mosquitoes during the week of May 23.
  • Placing an organic mosquito control tablet into any standing water around the Village.

To learn more about what you can do to help protect yourself, your family and the community, please refer to this mosquito control notice from the Village.

Letter from Mayor – Drinking Water Notice

Mayor Nicodemus has written a letter to all Baltimore residents in response to the Drinking Water Notice of Violation that was received from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.The violation was issued for failing to monitor or to report monitoring results for specific potential contaminants during the Fourth Quarter of 2015.

In his letter, the Mayor notes that the monitoring results from the Third Quarter of 2015 and the First Quarter of 2016 were reported and within acceptable ranges.

The Mayor also notes that, to prevent monitoring violations in the future, he is working with the Village Administrator and the new Water Treatment Plant Operator of Record to develop action plans and to revise work-flow processes where appropriate to assure the Village’s water monitoring is timely.

A copy of the letter can be viewed here.

Drinking Water Notice – April 2016

Please follow this link to see the Drinking Water Notice that has been issued for customers and consumers of the Village of Baltimore Public Water System. The notice advises that certain potential contaminants were not monitored during the Fourth Quarter of 2015, but that the contaminants will be monitored in the future.

Hydrant Flushing – Week of May 9

The Village of Baltimore will be flushing hydrants during the week of May 9. Customers may notice a temporary discoloration of the water because of the flushing; and are advised to use caution when using water for laundry while the hydrants are being flushed.

Reduction in Solid Waste Collection Fees

Rumpke Waste and Recycling Services, the trash service provider for the Village of Baltimore, has notified the Village that the rates for residential solid waste and curbside recycling collection services will be reduced beginning in January:

  • The annual contract adjustment, based upon changes in the Consumer Price Index, will be -0.4%.
  • The quarterly fuel adjustment, which is based upon the Diesel Price Index, will be -5.94% for the January-March 2016 quarter.

The new monthly rates will be:

Service Monthly Rate
Residential Solid Waste $9.44
Senior Citizens Solid Waste $8.50
Weekly Curbside Recycling $3.24
Every-Other-Week Curbside Recycling $2.16
95-Gallon Trash Cart $1.72

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