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Pool Opening Delayed Until June 3

The opening date for the Baltimore Swimming Pool has been delayed until June 3rd. We apologize and are sorry for any inconvenience.

New Rules for Weeds and Grass

Legislation was just passed this week addressing high grass and weeds within the Village. This ordinance states weed and grass height cannot exceed 8 inches in height. Costs, fines and assessments are outlined in the ordinance as well as other penalties which could include the filing of a criminal complaint in Village Mayor’s Court if the terms of the ordinance are violated. You can read the complete detail of the ordinance here.

Letters are currently being prepared and will be going out in the mail for violators of this ordinance this week. If you have a property you would like to report, please go to “Share Your Questions or Concerns” and fill out a form which will go directly to the Village Administrator.

Village Receives Grant for $466,000.00

Today the Village received notification that our grant application for resurfacing Dorchester Drive, Circle Drive, and Tremont Court was approved. The total amount of the grant is $466,063.00. The Village Administrator, Village Engineer, and Street Department all worked hard to provide information for and in preparing this grant application.

Read the letter here:

2017 Pool Information

The Baltimore Swimming Pool opening date has been delayed until June 3rd. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Pool rates remain the same from last year but we have made some changes to the family membership and added a new type of membership.

  1. Family memberships now allow up to 6 family members living together to be on a single membership for $200 (previously it was 4 family members).
  2. A new nights & weekends family membership is available for $110 which allows pool admission on weekdays after 5PM and on weekends.

Stop by the Village Office to get your membership today.

Rate Adjustment for Swimming Pools

A rate adjustment may be available for filling a swimming pool if a Village of Baltimore resident qualifies. The adjustment will be in the form of a sewer credit based on the number of gallons of water used to fill the pool and will be applied to your next billing statement. The form you must submit prior to filling your pool can be found at the following link:

Swimming Pool Adjustment Request Form

Police Firing Range Schedule

The Baltimore Police Firing Range is being used for Police Academy classes and law enforcement agency training. The following is the current schedule for the use of the firing range:

  • Week of May 22: Wednesday (5/24), Friday (5/26) and Saturday (5/27)
  • Week of May 29: Friday (6/2) and Saturday (6/3)
  • Week of June 5: None
  • Week of June 12: Thursday (6/15), Friday (6/16) and Saturday (6/17)
  • Week of June 19: Monday (6/19), Tuesday (6/20), Wednesday (6/21), Thursday (6/22) and Friday (6/23)
  • Week of June 26: None

Current Projects

Elevated Tower Maintenance – Update

Elevated tower maintenance is moving along slowly since we have experienced such wet and cold weather lately. The maintenance crew thinks they will still be working on the tower for about 4 more weeks.

We have received several inquiries regarding the water running from a couple of hydrants. This water release is necessary to maintain pressure in our distribution system so delivery to each Village residence is not disrupted and water line breaks do not happen during this time. The fluctuation of water pressure in the water lines would or could cause a water line to break or leak. Water from one of the hydrants is being recycled back to the ground storage tank. Water loss from the other 2 hydrants is at the lowest possible level we can go without disrupting or impacting the distribution line pressure.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me by phone (740-862-4491) or click on the link to Question and Concerns and an email will be sent directly to my inbox. Thank you for your patience during this time.

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