Flushable Wipes

With more people at home now and the need to clean and sanitize continues, a big issue that is arising are the seemly harmless “flushable” wipes, which are ending up at the wastewater treatment plant. A “flushable” wipe may be flushable, but it does not disintegrate like toilet paper does and that is the problem. While they disappear when you flush a toilet, their travel from your home to the wastewater treatment plant could result in costly clogs anywhere – in your own sewer pipes; in the village collection system running to the plant; or at the plant itself. These wipes cling to each other as they travel through the sewer system and there have been horror stories of massive clogs at wastewater plants that cost $100,000 or more to remove since these clogs can grow as large as several pounds. Our system cannot process or handle these wipes and we are seeing more and more wipes making it to our wastewater treatment plant. Any clogs we experience must be manually removed by our staff, which places them in an unsafe situation.

We are asking everyone to help us during this time by disposing of your wipes in the trash and do not flush them or anything else except toilet paper down your toilet. In the end it will save you money and the residents of the village money by reducing maintenance and repair costs. And it will also help keep our staff safe and healthy to continue to serve you.