Village Meeting Continue To Be Held Virtually

With the ongoing pandemic and increase in numbers, the Ohio General Assembly has extended the ability of public bodies to conduct their public meetings remotely provided the public still has the opportunity to observe those meetings. Due to the size of the Village Council Chambers and inability to properly social distance for meetings, we will continue to conduct our meetings remotely. All meetings are live-streamed to the Village YouTube page at:

If you have a question or comment for public comment, please email it to by noon on the day of the meeting and include in the subject “Public Comment” and the meeting date. Your email will be distributed, made part of the meeting minutes, and read during the public comment period of the meeting. I do check emails at the end of meeting incase there is a comment about something discussed during the meeting but due to e-mail delays they do not always arrive prior to the end of the meeting.

If you have a specific issue that needs to be placed on the agenda for discussion, as opposed to public comment, please contact me or VA Wise so we can discuss your issue, determine which committee is best suited for your issue, and get you the meeting info so you can join the meeting.