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Click on a link below to find out more information about the Village Departments:

Building Department

The Village of Baltimore has contracted with the City of Lancaster to be the building department for the Village. Please go to the Building Department page to find out more about:

  • Process for Obtaining a Building Permit
  • Application Forms
  • Fee Schedules
  • List of Approved Contractors

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department oversees many of the public works projects within the the Village including street resurfacing, sidewalk construction and reconstruction, waterline improvements and sewer line improvements.

Please go to the Engineering Department page to see information about current projects.

Income Tax Department

The Village of Baltimore levies an annual tax of 1% on salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation as provided in Chapter 830 (Municipal Income Tax) of the Village Code. The collection and administration of the local income tax is handled by the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA).

Please go to the Income Tax Department page to find out more about:

  • Income Tax Code
  • Collection of Income Tax
  • Tax Forms
  • Tax Procedures
  • Income Tax Office Hours

Street Department

The Street Department is responsible for maintaining the roadways within the Village. Normal maintenance includes street repair and patching, curb work, berm work and drainage.

The Street Department is also responsible for treating the roadways and for snow removal during the winter months.

Find out more on the Street Department page.

Water and Sewer Department

Please go to the Water and Sewer Department page to find out more about:

  • Consumer Confidence Report
  • Water Service Application Forms
  • Water and Sewer Rate Schedule
  • Water and Sewer Capacity Charges
  • Miscellaneous Fees

Zoning Department

Zoning permits are required when a building or structure is being built, moved, added to, or altered. In addition, other permits or approvals are required for each of the following:

  • Fences
  • Swimming Pools
  • Satellite Dishes
  • Signs
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Accessory Uses
  • Conditional Uses
  • Lot Splits
  • Variances
  • Zoning Changes
  • Subdivisions
  • Multi Use Developments

Please go to the Zoning Department page to find more information about the permit requirements, procedures and fees.