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Clerk of Council

The Fiscal Officer for the Village also serves as the Clerk of the Village Council.

The duties of the Clerk of Council include:

  • Preparing, maintaining and revising the schedule of Council activity under the direction of the Mayor and the President of Council. The schedule includes the times, dates and places of all regularly scheduled meetings of Council, special meetings as they become necessary, regular meetings and public hearings of standing committees, and meetings of special committees.
  • Posting all meeting times and dates.
  • Notifying all members of Council of all committee meetings.
  • Preparing the agenda for all meetings of Council under the guidance of the Mayor with the assistance of the Village Administrator.
  • Assuring that the agenda is delivered to all members of Council, Mayor, and other members of the Administration.
  • Recording the votes on ordinances and resolutions and preserving those votes in the minutes of the Council meetings.
  • Preparing and distributing meeting minutes following a meeting.

The Clerk of Council is Brian Bibler.

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