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Village Administrator

The Village Administrator is appointed by the Mayor, subject to the approval by a majority of the Village Council. The Administrator is under the general supervision and direction of the Mayor and has the power and authority granted to him by Village ordinance and the Ohio Revised Code.

The Village Administrator is responsible for:

  • Management and oversight of the water system
  • Management and oversight of the wastewater treatment system
  • Supervision of the improvement, repair and cleaning of streets, alleys, sidewalks, sewers, drains, ditches and street lighting
  • Appointment of employees authorized by the Village Council; but the appointments are subject to the approval by the Mayor
  • Making contracts, purchasing supplies and materials, and providing labor for any work under the Administrator’s supervision

The Village Administrator is a non-voting member on each of the committees established by the Village Council. The Village Administrator also serves as the Zoning Administrator.

The Village Administrator is Teri Wise.

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