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Private (Personal) Swimming Pools

1. All residents can receive a one-time per year credit for filling their pool. The form must be completed and submitted prior to the filling of your pool to receive the credit. Click on the following for Pool Fill Adjustment Form.

2. New Zoning Rules and Regulations require fences around pools and state that the fence cannot be the side or wall of the pool. For more information, please see the section that is highlighted in yellow on the Swimming Pool Requirements.

3. There are new Zoning Rules and Regulations with regard to when a zoning permit is required for a Private Family Swimming Pool. A zoning permit is required unless the pool falls within the dimensions highlighted in blue on the Swimming Pool Requirements. Click here to access the Zoning Permit Application.

If you have questions about these requirements or if you would like to report a violation of these requirements, please fill out this form and send it to the Village Administrator.