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Private Swimming Pools

A private swimming pool located in a residential or commercial district is considered to be an accessory structure, and will require you to obtain a Zoning Permit.


The following are the general requirements related to private swimming pools:

  • The pool must be intended to be used solely for the enjoyment of the occupants of the property and their guests.
  • The pool must be located only in rear yards and no closer to ten (10) feet of any property line or easement.
  • Any Private Family Swimming Pool, or the entire Lot on which the pool is located, shall be enclosed by a wall or Fence (the wall or side of the pool does not constitute a wall or Fence) constructed so as to prevent uncontrolled access. Such wall or Fence shall not be less than five (5) feet in height, maintained in good condition, and affixed with an operable gate and lock.
  • No lights, diving boards, or other accessories can project more than ten (10) feet above the average grade of the pool site.
  • All lights used for illuminating the pool or surrounding area must be designed, located and installed so the light is not a nuisance to abutting property owners.

Application for Permit

The following are the procedures related to the application process for a swimming pool permit.

  • A zoning permit application must be completed and submitted to the Zoning Administrator along with an application fee of $150.00.
  • Once the permit has been reviewed for development standards, accuracy, and completeness, the Zoning Administrator will contact you to have the site staked out for a site review.
  • Once the site review has been completed, a Zoning Permit will be issued. The permit will be accompanied by a card which must be posted while the work is being performed.
  • The work approved by the Zoning Permit must be started within one year of the issuance of the permit and completed within two years.

Contact Information

For additional information contact Teri Wise, Village Administrator, at 862-4491.